It is a moment in time dear to my heart and a tribute to someone in my life that is like no other.

I look back on my childhood to teen years and can remember sitting and chatting with my grandma about anything and everything into the evening on many occassions. She was always a good balance between sassy and sweet making me laugh and wanting more.  As conversations changed, the one thing that remained the same was the cup of PEPPERMINT TEA we would enjoy together. I looked forward to this time with her because it was 'our time', unique to us in that moment. To this day when I sit down and sip on a cup of PEPPERMINT TEA, she is sitting with me savoring the moment alongside me.  Moments I don't want to forget.

This is what I believe an image brings to someone's life, bringing a feeling from a unique moment in time that can be retold.  Images help you to feel as if it those stories took place yesterday allowing them to continue to be told again and again becoming irreplaceable in your life.



First and foremost...I am one of God's blueprints!  I am a wife and a mother to a beautiful 22 year old who ignited my passion for photography and two individually vivacious 9 year old twin boys.  Needless to say there is never a dull moment.  Because of this you will see I have quite a bit of patience and don't get caught up in the little things that can sometimes be seen as unruly moments.  I have plenty of them on my own (some days more than others...ha) and wouldn't change one of them for anything.  It has truly made me, me!



What is beauty to me?  Laughter, a simple but crooked smile, an innocent look, touch of a loved one, a freckle out of place, integrity, the inner voice that's shouting out to be free, individuality.  When I am photographing you, I love to know who you are first.  This is the only way I can document the true YOU.  I have lived on the East and West coast with the mountain states in between, and enjoy meeting people from all walks of life.  I see beauty in everyone and believe we were all created with something unique in mind that can ignite our world on fire.  My goal is to capture that in every photo I take.   



I grew up with the mountains at my fingers tips in Salt Lake City, UT.  However, living in the Bay area, I have fallen in love with the sounds of the ocean and the surfing life that lies within it.  I can get lost for hours just waiting and watching for each surfer to find his place in the waves.   It is one of my favorite little escapes when we get the chance to sneak away.  

'In everything I do...I want to walk with the King'