I do believe we are all meant to give back and

where I do this is in the NICU with a camera in hand.

I document love and celebrate life for families in the NICU to

remind them of their strength & courage during a time that can be filled with

fear and confusion.  This time, this story in their lives, needs

to be treasured just as much as any other time that takes place.

My Twirlie Girlie,


You are the definition of a miracle in my life.  When you were born in such a critical state, I felt absolutely helpless.  I could not hold you or feed you. Your eyes were swollen closed and you were motionless because of the morphine you were on. Daddy kept telling me to lay my hands on you.  So I did.  I would sing and cry, and try to get out a few more words, and cry again.  Then one day, your oxygen alarm began to sound and the nurse ran over.  I backed away in tears and she said, “No! Keep doing what you are doing! Don’t stop!  She can hear you and her oxygen is stabilizing!”  I stood there with my hands lying on your bare skin, sticking through the holes of your isolet,  and sang to you quietly, with all my heart through broken sobs. We went through a grueling process as we waited for God to heal you, and then one day, you passed your brother up in breathing, went off of the tanks, and started to take a bottle. All of a sudden you were home in our arms.....


Letter written from a Mom who experienced life in the NICU.   CLICK HERE to read about their continued journey.


This is where I give back.  It is a gift offered to

families who would like to have their story documented in the NICU.    

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Please know these sessions are offered as scheduling permits and when we are able to meet the requirements set in place by hospitals.